What Is Google Business View?

Google Business View is a high-quality, immersive virtual tour of your business. This virtual tour utilizes Google Street View technology, making the interface very familiar for your customers. By participating in this program, you:

  • Enhance your content on Google with astonishing 360-degree panoramic pictures
  • Engage in a whole new way with your customers, who can now walk-through and experience your business using familiar navigation
  • Influence customer decision making during their search and discovery process by standing out from the competition and inviting them inside of your business, while in the comfort of their own home

Where does Business View appear on Google?

Business View go live on Google after just a few days after Wisco360 comes on-site to do the photo shoot. These images appear on Google Search, Google Maps, Google + and Google Maps for Mobile.

Enhanced Google Search Results

Jump straight from Google Maps to your Virtual Tour

Google Plus integration

Mobile device integration


How does the Business View program work?

Wisco360 is fully trained and certified by Google to participate in the Business View Program. We work with you directly to schedule a time for the shoot. Next, we come to your location to take the photos. After patching the photos together, the 360-degree panoramic photos are added to Google’s multiple platforms to make your business instantly more accessible.

How much does it cost?

Costs for the photo shoot and subsequent implementation with Google vary depending on the size and location of your business. Register for a consultation to further discuss pricing with a trusted photographer from Wisco360.

How long does it take?

The photo shoot itself takes around 1-2 hours on average, but the total time depends on the size of your business. Once the photo shoot is complete, the images are processed and uploaded to Google. A more precise timeframe can be given after an initial consultation.

Can I display these images on my own website?

Yes! Simply embed the Business View Imagery on your own website by:

  • Paste the HTML code provided to you into your website
  • Create a customized experience and embed onto your site through the Maps API

Click here to see an example of a virtual tour embedded on a Web page.


Still have questions? Click here for a detailed FAQ section, or click here to register for a consultation.